Arthur Godfrey Uke Player


Arthur Godfrey Uke Player

Ok all you metal heads.  Here it is.  The official Arthur Godfrey Uke Player.  Here’s how it works.  You clamp it over the neck of your yuke with two attached rubber bands. ( I’m calling it a uke because I can’t spell ukulele?)  Then you press one of the white buttons, and it will chord out six different chords.  C  C7  G7  A  F  D7.  With these very same power chords you can play every song ever recorded by Lynyrd Skynnerd (sp) or  AC/DC.  You can also play the opening chords for Proud Mary.  Or pretty close anyway.  For those of you who are too young to know who Arthur Godfrey was.  Well, I’m not sure who he was either.  I think he rode a white horse and played his uke on television in the fifties.  I think he played the uke at Wood Stock in 1969.  He went on right before Hendrix.  It’s rumored he even used Jimi’s stack of Marshal amps.  But he blew the speakers out of them because he played so loud.  Which was why Jimi’s guitar sounded so distorted.  
Every thing is in good condition, with a few smudges and scratches.  The clamping rubber bands are still good.  The chord buttons press smoothly.  I am including the original box.  But you can see from the photo that it’s in pieces.  The instruction, song book is still holding together.  But it is creased and has torn edges.  There are a bunch of old classic American songs included.  I just opened it to a random page.  Here are some of the songs.  America the Beautiful,  Polly Wolly Doodle,  I’ve been Workin’ on the Railroad (before the economy crashed),  and that classic head banging metal smash . . . . . The Farmer in the Dell.  I wanted to leaf through it to see if I could find the chord chart to Smoke on the Water, but it’s kinda fragile at this point.  It has a copyright of 1950.  Which just happens to be my own personal copyright.  
We use Paypal only.  We only ship to the continental U.S.  We ship the next business day following close of auction.  We will notify you when item is shipped.  Please examine photos.  If you have any questions please email us.  Check out our perfect feedback.  We plan to keep it that way.  So bid often, bid high, bid with abandon.  Hey we’re talking Arthur Godfrey here!   I know what you’re thinking.  ”Are these guys really Christians?”  Yes, and we tithe off all our profits.  Good luck and God bless.  Steve     

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