Vintage Antique Ophaned Supertone Banjo Ukulele/mandolin


Vintage Antique Ophaned Supertone Banjo Ukulele/mandolin

The Ukulele Orphanage revitalizes abandoned, misused and neglected instruments. Scars and blemishes define history and add character. We clean, remove rust and corrosion, and surgically remove unusable parts. We add necessary parts and touch up finishes where needed giving new life to these poor instruments. We become very attached to our children as we nurture them back to functionality.

Louise is a very special member of the orphanage. Her origins are known and illustrious. Louise was born around 1921. She was owned by E.C. Torgerson of Clinton, Iowa.

Louise travelled extensively and was autographed by many acquaintances. Louise has her makers decal inside the wood and metal pot with her serial number from Supertone banjos. A new goatskin head has been installed on Louise for a marvelously resonant tone.

Louise has received a new set of Aquila strings. She has all eight strings tuned for ukulele chords GGCCEEAA. We will include Louise's original skin with all the autographs dating from 1921 with her purchase. This antique is ready for another century in your hands. Marvelous tone and resonance make Louise a dream to have.

Louise is sold as is with no return.